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CPO Agenda 2016

Study, 2016

While leveraging digitized operations is identified as a big upcoming challenge in procurement, generating and measuring savings remains the key issue for Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) across industries …  >>

Engineering Brexit - British industry must fight to "remain"


Wenn die Briten am 23. Juni darüber abstimmen, ob das Vereinigte Königreich die Europäische Union verlassen soll oder nicht, steht für die wissenschafts- und technologienahen Sektoren des Landes viel auf dem Spiel …  >>

Automated Trucks – The next big disrupter in the automotive industry?

Study, 2016

The trucking industry is facing several challenges that can potentially be addressed by automated trucks: hours-of-service, safety, driver shortage, and operating costs …  >>

Chief Restructuring Officer – Coach oder Keule?


The demands on chief restructuring o cers (CRO) are growing. Their work is increasingly international in scope and change management is more important than ever in restructuring projects …  >>

Transformation of the car industry


Over the past 100 years, the automotive industry saw very linear development. Maybe that's why we all like to hype new trends like the first "telematics wave" 15 years ago …  >>