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Industry 4.0 – The role of Switzerland within a European manufacturing revolution


Industry plays a pivotal role in the European economy: it contributes 15 per cent of the industrial share of value, creates 80 per cent of the innovations and accounts for 75 per cent of exports. If you include industry-related services in the calculation, then industry can be seen as Europe's socio-economic engine. However, the manufacturing industry is coming under increasing pressure. The competitiveness of European industry is in decline due to new market players – from Asia in particular – and this has led to significant job losses in established markets such as Great Britain (-29%), France (-20%) and Germany (-8%). European countries are also developing in very different directions: while Switzerland and Germany have been able to hold onto or even increase their share in industrial markets, other EU countries, such as France, Spain and Great Britain are moving towards an era of de-industrialisation.

This development is weakening Europe as a whole, with the resulting depletion of jobs and know-how in industry. In the new Roland Berger study "Industry 4.0 – The role of Switzerland within a European manufacturing revolution", Roland Berger experts highlight what companies and politicians should do to support the development of Industry 4.0 – fusion of industry and digitisation – and focus on the opportunity it presents to Switzerland in particular.


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