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Pressemitteilungen 2010

23. Dezember 2010

With these appointments at the International Partner Meeting in Munich, the strategy consultancy is expanding its Partner base and strengthening its worldwide presence …  >>

22. Dezember 2010

The global revenues of European automotive suppliers are almost back at pre-crisis levels. But almost 20% of supplier revenues in Europe now depend on how the market in China develops …  >>

3. Dezember 2010

Charles-Edouard Bouée, Member of the Global Executive Committee of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, predicts a "Management Revolution" coming from China …  >>

1. Dezember 2010

"CEE in 2020 – Trends and perspectives for the next decade" ist eine Studie, basierend auf einer Befragung von mehr als 320 Manager in Mittel- und Osteuropa. …  >>

11. November 2010

A joint study by Roland Berger and prognos for the German Solar Industry Association shows that the German solar power sector has a key role to play in the move toward 100% renewable energies by 2020 …  >>

9. November 2010

Companies must implement alternative organizational models, strengthen roles that facilitate collaboration and improve the skills of their employees …  >>

4. November 2010

Sustainability used to be just a buzzword, but now it has become a steady component of corporate strategy …  >>

3. November 2010

Small and medium-sized companies have come through the crisis much better than expected …  >>

29. Oktober 2010

Brazil will be the only BRIC country to grow faster in 2010 than it did before the crisis …  >>

25. Oktober 2010

65% of the companies surveyed believe that the pharmaceutical industry is facing a strategic crisis …  >>

25. Oktober 2010

The European management model has evolved over the last ten years into quite a success story. Its special strengths include a long-term orientation and a desire to bring all the stakeholder interests on board …  >>

22. Oktober 2010

A study done in cooperation with Creditreform shows that German SMEs have huge untapped liquidity reserves …  >>

18. Oktober 2010

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants invites a select group of guests to the HighLight Classics in the HighLight Towers on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 6:30 p.m …  >>

14. Oktober 2010

Assessment of 50 largest US cities highlighted in new study: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Rocky Mountain Institute’s Project Get Ready share nation-wide snapshot of EV readiness …  >>

11. Oktober 2010

"The Pitch 2010" workshop is designed to give students an opportunity to learn how an innovation becomes a business model …  >>

5. Oktober 2010

The large unlisted family businesses in Germany often have diversified business models, but they still took a massive hit on revenues in the crisis year of 2009 …  >>

27. September 2010

A jury consisting of the leading international management consultancy Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and the global visions community Horasis have awarded three outstanding entrepreneurs for building and leading successful global firms of Arab origin …  >>

24. September 2010

The global automotive supplier industry is recovering at an incredible rate after the historic crisis in 2008 and 2009 …  >>

23. September 2010

The VISTA countries – Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina – are becoming more attractive for the commercial vehicle industry …  >>

20. September 2010

New regulations are expected to enforce reduction of new vehicle fleet CO2 emissions until 2020 …  >>

15. September 2010

The German shipping industry has not yet fully recovered from the crisis …  >>

27. August 2010

German energy groups are facing billions of euros in profit losses in the coming years …  >>

23. August 2010

In his study "Success through Green Transformation" in the rethink:CEO series, Dr. Torsten Henzelmann looks at how European and German companies need to position themselves to be prepared for developments such as climate change and scarce resources …  >>

30. Juli 2010

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has appointed 20 new international Partners. The new Partners work at various offices, from Paris to Shanghai …  >>

27. Juli 2010

Chinese consumers are growing increasingly sophisticated and individualistic. This is one the findings of the new Chinese Consumer Report 2010 entitled "Brands and Buzz: Understanding How to Reach Today's Chinese Consumers." …  >>

16. Juli 2010

At their meeting in Essen, the Partners of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants cast their votes in the scheduled elections for the global Executive Committee (EC) and Supervisory Board …  >>

2. Juli 2010

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China launched its seventh annual European Chamber Business Confidence Survey published in partnership with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants …  >>

30. Juni 2010

Dr. Roland Berger is renting out 110 affordable apartments according to "Munich Model" financing scheme …  >>

24. Juni 2010

Initiated by Roland Berger, the Munich Corporate Volunteering Network brings companies together …  >>

23. Juni 2010

The crisis won't loosen its grip on the industry in the years to come …  >>

22. Juni 2010

think: act BUSINESS COO INSIGHTS launched as first ever business magazine specifically for Chief Operating Officers (COOs) …  >>

19. Juni 2010

The crisis has bottomed out. The majority of companies questioned expect a significant recovery from the middle of this year, …  >>

9. Juni 2010

Although photovoltaics (PV) is a growing market, competitors from Asia in particular are stepping up the pressure on German manufacturers …  >>

8. Juni 2010

Reduced oil reserves, rising fuel prices and environmental issues all contribute to an urgent need to further develop new truck powertrain technologies …  >>

8. Juni 2010

The aerospace & defense industry in Europe is still feeling the worldwide crisis …  >>

2. Juni 2010

Telecommunications companies are facing difficult times: their products are very similar commodities, competition is fierce and pressure on margins is high …  >>

1. Juni 2010

Financial Services Competence Center takes on 6 new Partners and 14 additional experts …  >>

4. Mai 2010

Our recruiting workshop "start.ing2010" in Munich is designed for students, graduates, PhDs and professionals with an engineering background from Germany, Austria and Switzerland …  >>

3. Mai 2010

After the toughest year for the industry since World War Two, automotive suppliers are slowly climbing out of the crisis. This is the finding of "Win with the winners", a study conducted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. …  >>

2. Mai 2010

A study conducted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and market research company TNS Infratest shows that the automotive industry still has to take considerable action and innovate …  >>

23. April 2010

In recent weeks the delivery situation in many companies has worsened drastically, with the result that normal production processes are becoming increasingly jeopardized …  >>

22. April 2010

The Brazilian automotive industry is at a crossroads. If the industry and the government take the right steps, there are great prospects on the domestic market and increasing export opportunities …  >>

18. April 2010

"The mood among the majority of German CEOs and executives is again positive. They believe the worst phase of the crisis is now behind them" …  >>

15. April 2010

The importance of industrial services when optimizing production processes will continue to increase in the future …  >>

9. April 2010

Roland Berger Strategy Consulting has conducted a market survey among leading automotive managers to unveil major trends and successful business practices in engineering outsourcing …  >>

1. April 2010

The real estate and construction industries play a key role in reducing CO2 emissions. In the OECD countries, approximately 30% of greenhouse gases are produced by residential and commercial real estate …  >>

15. März 2010

The first-ever "RB After Work Classics" to be held on March 18, 2010 in the HighLight Towers in Munich …  >>

25. Februar 2010

International strategy consulting firm Roland Berger Strategy Consultants honored two companies and two managers with its Best of European Business awards tonight in the Europäisches Haus in Berlin …  >>

22. Februar 2010

Cost cuts and rising competition will lead to massive consolidation – Market outlook by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants …  >>

18. Februar 2010

The global wind power industry keeps on booming …  >>

2. Februar 2010

Compound annual growth rates for sales and operating profits of the top 2,000 Japanese companies in terms of global sales indicate a rapid decline in global competitiveness …  >>

2. Februar 2010

To further strengthen its Financial Services Competence Center, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has appointed Christian Wessels as a new Partner …  >>

29. Januar 2010

Speaking at the New Year's reception organized by the Frankfurt office of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, CEO Professor Burkhard Schwenker presented his latest estimates for the development of the global economy in 2010 …  >>

28. Januar 2010

"The automotive crisis in 2008 and 2009 has left behind deep scars on suppliers," says Marcus Berret, Partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants …  >>

25. Januar 2010

What principles govern the success of a brand? How should a new brand be introduced? …  >>

17. Januar 2010

The German luxury market remained stable in 2009 despite the crisis. Decreases in automotive (-15%) and furniture (-6%) were compensated for by other segments …  >>

13. Januar 2010

Boom-land China offers German companies enormous opportunities – not only in the flourishing East but also in the economically weaker West of the People's Republic …  >>

12. Januar 2010

For 2010, many German companies are planning to switch from pure restructuring to focusing on boosting efficiency. This is the finding of a joint study carried out by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and the International Controller Association …  >>

11. Januar 2010

The number of insolvencies in Germany will continue to rise significantly in 2010. The main reasons are the recession, the limited availability of financial resources and overcapacity …  >>